MS Bookings is not sending reminder e-mails

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I have a service set up in MS Bookings which is set to send a reminder e-mail 1 week and also 1 day before the booking but customers have reported that they have only received the confirmation upon the actual booking and none of the reminders. I even set up a test booking myself and received no reminder. any suggestions?

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I understand that you're experiencing issues with **Microsoft Bookings** not sending reminder emails to clients. Let's troubleshoot this together! Here are a couple of potential solutions:

1. **Check Email Notification Settings**:
- Visit the **Microsoft 365 website** and log in with your account.
- Navigate to **Bookings** and select the **Bookings Page**.
- Under the **Email notifications** section, ensure that the following options are checked:
- "Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed."
- "Send a meeting invite to the customer, in addition to the confirmation email."
- Save your changes.

2. **Verify Service Settings**:
- In the **Services** page, select the corresponding service.
- Under **Reminders and Confirmations**, add an **email reminder** and set it to send to **"Customer."**
Hi, Thanks for your response. I already have all those things done. The reminder e-mails were previously being sent however they seem to have stopped recently with customers now reporting they aren't receiving them.
I experience the same problems!
Have had this issue in the past with version updates from Bookings, resulting in manually adding reminder emails to every appointment, as it was a bug.
I do hope this will get resolved soon. As my clients tend to forget their appointments and therefore miss them now.

For me this is a real deal breaker.

@Mattydavidson, I have the same issue. This is a recent problem. This used to work a few days ago. 

I am having the same problem and it is a RED FLAG for the whole app. I'm planning to switch to Calendly if I cannot resolve it. @SCPragmatik 

It sounds like there might be an issue with the reminder settings in MS Bookings. Double-check that the reminder settings are configured correctly for both 1 week and 1 day before the booking. Also, ensure that the email addresses of the customers are entered correctly. Sometimes, emails might end up in spam folders, so it's worth advising customers to check there as well. If the issue persists, contacting MS Bookings support for further assistance would be a good step.

@james400 really? You don't think all that has been checked? As said it stopped working from one day to the other. Also for customers who have received reminders before. 

I have moved to Calendly. Their support has at least the decency to respond to questions

@Mrs2nl@DharahasB , @Mattydavidson , @james400, Sorry and good luck, I quit.

I have moved back to Squarespace acuity:scheduling. It costs more, but its behavior is consistent and reliable. I cannot say the same about MS Bookings and it seems to be threated as a Microsoft "necessary undesired add-on" to the MS 365 landscape, unfortunately. My business cannot wait months for basic functional issues to be recognized, than even more months for them to be corrected. This "product" does not have the attention it requires to remain sustainable and attractive/competitive.

@DharahasB  I have the same problem. The notifications are set, but not sent. 

I tried on our main tenant and the issue is present; while on a sandbox tenant the reminder emails are sent and received correctly. Is there some Admin center feature that should be checked?
Update: TODAY the reminder emails are regularly sent in our main tenant, too. What about tomorrow? :D