MS Bookings- I am losing the will to live lol! Why does it not work as expected?

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I have no idea whether this forum is active or not? but I am hoping so because I have exhausted many hours of googling and experimenting and I am not one to give up!

I have watched lots of videos so am confident in my set up (although tbh all videos are confusing) .. but I kinda get it now and I have successfully set up some Booking pages and whilst they display great in the MS Bookings App, this does not reflect on the public bookings page!  For example I can see three succesfull meetings assigned to a service in the App, but only 1 of them (if that) show on the booking page!  

Which fundamentally makes this app useless!  (I have tried soooooooooooo  many different settings and compered working ones with non working ones, and now I just want to cry) lol

I can't be the only one that has hit this Issue can I ?

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I've had 27 views so I am guessing at least 27 of you do not have this problem?

The fact you don't have this issue would be helpful to know also as it may lead me to a solution as to how yours is successful and mine isn't?
Hi Julie,

Are you saying that the bookings on your admin page aren't being reflected back on the self-service page. As in the timeslots are showing as available when they shouldn't be?

Or do you mean the services you've created aren't showing on the self-service page?



Hi Zack, Thanks for the reply.

Yes it was the Dates booked against the Service/Staff member in the admi page that weren't showing on the Bookings page Calendar for end users to book from.

I have literally found the answer myself today.... It was because I had set the Service time slot to 2 Hours, but when adding some test bookings to the service, I wasn't using a start and end time that resulted in two hours!!!  ie, 9.00-9.30 instead of 9.00-11.00 etc

Once I corrected this, they all showed as expected, it's only taken me 3 days to spot this lol

I will leave this here because I bet I'm not the only person that's come across this and hopefully it will help someone else from going mad :)