MS Bookings - How to change the auto created user account

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Hello all, when I create a new shared booking calendar, an account is automatically created with the name of the booking calendar.

Is there any way to change this automatically generated AD user and refer to the already existing one? Surely this cannot be a normal function?!

Existing user A (user_a@xy) wants to have a booking calendar. I create a calendar for user A.
A new user is created in the background (user_a1@xy) and the new booking calendar is assigned to this new user.

This behavior spams the AD with unnecessary users and makes it very confusing.

The problem has already been reported, but unfortunately no meaningful feedback came out.

How can I prevent this, or change the calendar back to the correct user?


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Hi windata,

I've been toying around with Bookings and it does that by default so far. It creates another email address, just like you would create a resource mailbox in the M365 Admin Center. Bookings is just a more intuitive platform to create resource mailboxes.

Whether you create the Booking calendar or user_a does it, it will ask for a name for the calendar and whatever name you put there will be used for the email address. The number gets put there (user_a1) to automatically prevents duplicate email address problems.

I would love too for this to change, like being able to create my own Booking spaces for my email address, but so far, it works more as a resource mailbox creator and manager than anything AND extending that capability to other users with the appropriate license/access to Microsoft Bookings.

On top of that, I tried playing with some of the settings of the Booking calendar via Powershell (Get-CalendarProcessing, Set-CalendarProcessing) and there's a clear boundary here too. The good old resource mailboxes can be created and customized in there, no problem. But the Booking one, it doesn't accept some of the changes, like AutomateProcessing stuck in AutoUpdate, can`t change it to AutoAccept.

So Bookings resources are hardly customizable compared to an old-school resource mailbox. The error message I get in Powershell when changing the AutomateProcessing attribute is "the function you're trying to activate can only be done on resource mailboxes". That's saying something on how they`re different.

I would definitely post your question as a change request in the product feedback for Microsoft since it's truly a limitation by-design. Bookings definitely needs to be expanded on, at least allow more attributes on these resource mailboxes to be changed or customized, like the regular resource mailboxes.


Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately, I already thought something like that. I will follow your advice. But believe rather less that it will bring something.

Thanks for your efforts!