MS Bookings giving "something went wrong" error

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Hello, our customers keep getting a "something went wrong, please reload the page and try again" error when trying to book. We have 2 calendars, and both are giving this message. When I tried to create a whole new calendar, the same message was popping up. What causes this issue, and how can we get it fixed? We tried refreshing the page, creating a new calendar, and making sure everything is bookable and in our time zone. Thanks in advance! 

Edit: This had been fixed, the problem was with all day bookings. 

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@SamiTST303 I am having same issue on a calendar that has worked fine until 11/3/2022. Nothing was changed to it at all. Let me know if you figure anything out. Only new thing I see is the interface with the new look. 

I also continue to get this message.  Our support specialists have put in a case for this with Microsoft and no solution on the horizon.  We have been using bookings for desk reservation system for over 18 months and it isn't working as of this last week.  Someone needs to address this  @SamiTST303 

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We also use bookings as our desk booking system and ours have also stopped, I have noticed it only our full day bookings that have stopped, but they have stopped across all 20 of our booking systems 1/2 days are ok. Also discovered that Admins can book through calendar interface so its not Exchange. We have also logged a ticket with Microsoft, if you get an answer please let me know 

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Thank you for reporting this. We had a service issue that got resolved since then and you should be able to book full-day appointments as usual now. Please let us know if you continue to see this.

@davisjr Thank you! It is working perfectly now!! Appreciate it being looked into and resolved. We use it to reserve equipment and all of them are full day so we noticed it immediately. 

Getting this error, but we are not using all day bookings. Any suggestions?

I've tried:

Incognito browser
Different browsers (chrome and edge)
Admin account
Turning off and turning on booking app in microsoft admin portal
Checked the policies and settings within azure listed here