MS bookings - Customise calendar invite subject line?

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Is there a way to customise the calendar invite subject line for appointment made through MS booking? At the moment I have a link in my signature to the booking calendar. As service I have the following titles: 

Conf call 30 min

Conf call 45 min

Conf call 60 min

When a client books an appointment it is marker in my calendar as: Conf call 30 min but without the contacts name in the subject line. Even if the customer adds notes on the booking page, they are not included in the calendar invite with the teams link. Is there a workaround?

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Same issues here. Please address if possible.
Same issue, Not seeing any of the customer information in the invite and i am using bookings in the same way.

I see now it shows the contact but this should be a template that we can customize in the settings so I can also add custom fields (even if limited to X characters).