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Hi, I have bookings set up for multiple attendees. When one attendee cancels, the entire booking is cancelled from the allocated staff member's diary. How do i resolve this?


Also, i am trying to set up a booking for a particular date, but for some reason, the system will not accept the booking - why would this be?



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@jenjc20 It depends how you have set things up. What I find works best, always have a person assigned to a service, even if it is a fake person with an email that might work (or made up). That way the service availability will not be tied to the 'staff' outlook calendar. If you do not assign a person to a service, then the system will assign an available member of staff at random. If nobody is available it cant assign a person. So there are a lot of factors that could be coming in to play, and without a lot more detail is hard to say exactly what is going wrong for you. Try the above first (or perhaps if linked to the staff members calendar, they have something else already booked at that time). Hope that helps.

OMG - its worse, in our latest testing if you reschedule a booking its only your booking that is changed - which is fine,

BUT if you cancel your booking which is part of a group booking, it cancels all in the group booking.

This is a real mess, no other words for it.

We are seeing the exact same thing. We have a group session set up for 7 customers. If one customer cancels, the entire session is canceled. It disappears from the staff calendar and the meeting link is no longer valid. I'm seeing a few of these threads on the Microsoft community. We are already looking at other software.

As of yesterday in our Tenant, the admin can delete individuals from a group booking :)

Hope it is rolling out to everyone else.