MS Bookings bugs make it worse than useless

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This is now the third time that a Microsoft Bookings page has spontaneously decided not to show available time slots anymore. The first two times, I created new pages and this fixed it, but not this time.


The time zone is correct. I have put in the correct hours in 4 places. 1) The main booking availability, 2) my personal staff availability, 3) the service availability for the service I created, 4) the business hours.


Despite all of this, the booking page shows so available time slots. The fact that it fails spontaneously when I change nothing is especially infuriating and makes me look unprofessional, so thanks for that. I have spent hours on the forums and tried everything, but this just keeps getting worse.  I also just spend an hour with the IT department of my company going through all of the troubleshooting steps, and nothing worked.


You must now provide detailed a step by step video walk-through of how to start with a new page that is guaranteed to get everything working correctly. I have already wasted too much of my life on this, so it is now your responsibility to make this right. This is the one and only thing this software is supposed to do, so unless this chronic bug (which many people have reported) is fixed, MS Bookings will remain tangibly worse than useless.

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@Waegell I am having similar(ish) issues with MS bookings. Check out this mess:

Would really appreciate if MSFT could just fix the absolute basics here. Ugh.




at least you have time slots...
I am also having the same problem. I haven't change anything, yet suddenly a lot of my services are just broken. I changed the name of 1 service, why id my whole system come crashing down from that?

It is beyond frustrating because these are paid appointments and we have data that suggests when our users can sign up, rather than reach out to support they just give up and we lose money.

extremely frustrating.
Well--looks like fixing their buggy app hasn't been a priority. Here I am in late March with the same issue. Microsoft bookings is, exactly like you say, worse than useless. How can an app that is suppose to do one thing, just not do that one thing?
I am experiencing this issue and many others with Bookings and uncertain what to do to fix it. We use this across our agency and I am at a loss of how to resolve it when the issues are affecting all of our services, not just one. Is there anyone that we can speak to at Microsoft to fix this? I am out of ideas and resolutions for our agency.