MS Bookings and Power Automate - Missing custom field answers in 1 on 1 bookings

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I've been using the MS Bookings connectors in Power Automate.

I am able to extract all relevant information in 1 to N types of bookings, but in the 1 to 1 bookings, the answers to custom fields are not being sent to the Power Automate flow. It is missing in the json input, so it is not sent from MS Bookings itself.

In 1 to N bookings, there is the "Answers" section, which is missing in the 1 to 1 input:



The default fields content is all being sent, so as far as I know, the problem is only occuring with custom fields.

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@_Sammy_ Okay, just spotted by chance a respons on this (by Vignesh_Kailasin another post (which was originally not about custom fields).


In short: 

"For 1:1, this is a hot ask and we have fixed it. The roll out containing the custom fields will be available by end of January/start of february to all customers. You will be able to access it by the field name : CustomQuestionAnswers."