MS Bookings - ALMOST does what I need to do. Any ideas?

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I'm trying to use MS Bookings to do 2 things, and it is frustratingly close to being able to do this, I'm sure there must be easy ways to succeed that I just don't know about as I've taught myself how to use it!


1. I'd like to allow our partner institutions to book out single instances of a physical resource that we lend out for extended periods of time, such as a month or 6 weeks. The longest appointment I seem to be able to make is for 10 days. If that's not possible, that's fine, I can do it the old-fashioned way with a piece of paper stuck to the office wall!


2. The bigger problem is this though. I'd like to offer our partner institutions a user-friendly way to book a member of staff to come onsite to deliver an activity. That's very easy in MS Bookings - I have been able to do this no problem, it links with my personal calendar brilliantly.


The problem is that some activities rely on a single set of equipment: there are 2 of us on the team, but only 1 set of equipment per activity.


So teacher A can book Team Member A to come and teach Activity X using the kit for that. No problem. All good.

But then teacher B can also book Team Member B on the same day in the same time slot also for Activity X. That's impossible. Teacher B can definitely book Team Member B at the same time, but it must be for  Activity Y or Z, not X.


So in essence, I'm asking as well as allocating team members to an availability slot, how do I allocate resources as well? I don't want to limit Team Member A to only delivering Activity X and Team Member B to only delivering Activity Y.


Sorry if that's long-winded! Advice gratefully received. Thanks.


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