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Probably missed this somewhere but is there anyone to change / edit (or add to) the email notification. I need to add a URL for the user to click on  - so would like to add this (or can you add an option to have a custom URL field) ?

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You can't modify the confirmation email sent to the customer but you can edit the "reminder email".

If you go into "Services" in the left nav and click on your services, there is an option below "Custom Fields" to "Add an email reminder" - You can tailor the message in that email with  the URL you need and make it so Bookings sends it up to 2 weeks in advance. So you could make it so that your customers can only book up to 2 weeks in advance and set this reminder to go up to 2 weeks in advance, your customers will get the reminder email almost immediately after they make the booking.


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Do you know if there's a way to make the content of the reminder a bit more readable?  I have added some lines to it and even though I put extra line breaks the reminder condenses everything back to one paragraph/sentence.


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what about the default message that is sent out upon booking, you cannot change that in the services section? is there somewhere that you can change that?

So you're saying there is no way to modify the confirmation email that goes out to clients after booking? That's a pretty big disappointment. I was using Webba Booking before and this system had that feature. I just configured the Microsoft Bookings app and linked it to my website, tested it and I did not receive the confirmation email that is supposed to go out. My email address was correctly typed and I checked my junk folder...


Is there any way that this feature could be added to the Microsoft Bookings app so we can actually take a look at what's written in the default confirmation email and modify it?


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@Gabo Hello Gabo! i am having troubles with the notifications because my customers are not receiving the email when booking, any idea of how can I fix this problem?


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It removes line breaks, even in "Select a Service" details. This should be a quick fix by engineering, can't imagine it taking more than 5 minutes for a developer to push this change out.

I would like to include the name of the customer and assigned staff to the calendar subject itself. Anything for this?

We have a shared calendar and having the Customer Name and the Staff Name in the Subject would be a HUUUGE improvement! ;D