Missing feature - amend a booking

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There is no way to manage the booking after it has been added to the staff members's outlook calendar.


The meeting invitation should contain a link bringing them to the Manage Booking page, but it does not.


Updating the calendar invite to a different day/time or canceling the meeting does not update it for the client either.


These are simple ways to make Bookings work better within the organization.

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Updating from calendar in the booking portal should do that. It generally sends an email to you and the client about the change in timings. It won't if you are doing it through outlook calendar.


Hope that helps.

Exactly, it does not update the booking by making changes to the outlook calendar.

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@Function0 Thanks for highlighting this feature request. We really value this feedback. We do not support it currently but we are happy to say that we agree this can be done better, and we will get to it sooner. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"