Microsoft Teams Live Events creation through Microsoft Booking

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Does anyone know if MS will provide the ability to book Teams Live Events through Booking? We don't have booking enabled on our tenant as yet but are looking to do so in the next few weeks.

We are currently using MS Forms and Power Automate to take the Live Event Requests and a small number of admins are creating the Live Events.

Due to the 15 limitation on concurrent meetings I was hoping that we could use the staff/resource allocation to the 15 slots and use the Booking tool to automate the Live Event logging by our end users.

Due to the LE limitation we don't want to allow users to have direct access from their Teams client to create the Live Events. 


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@Bondie8 HI Not sure if this helps but Microsoft have raised the minimum number of concurrent live events to 50 just now




@AndyfF360 Hi Andy - Yes we are taking advantage of the temporary limit of 50 calls which is good right now. My company dont want to allow users to be able to book live events directly due these limitations and the global user base and time zones we have to support which increases the risk of exceeding concurrent calls.

Booking will allow us to create the resources needed and have these as bookable entities. I am hoping - once I get access to our DEV environment to test this. What I do know is it can be used to create standard team meetings but not live events as far as I am aware. Right now therefore we would have booking taking the slots and someone would then via powerapps or another toolset (I dont believe there are any connectors into live events) take those appointments and convert them into Live Events. Be great if there was the ability to do this - Be great to know if MS have this in the roadmap as I would imagine most businesses would want to prevent the concurrent threshold from being breached. 

@Bondie8Any updates? What did you end up doing?