Microsoft or Organisation Account - Guest Users Access?

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Not sure if this is possible - I'm working in an environment in which lots of 3rd party companies are on the physical sites (well they will be again after covid!) of the client I'm working for. We are testing Bookings for booking meeting rooms.


I have enabled Require Microsoft 365 or Office 365 account from my organisations but this doesn't seem to allow Azure AD "Guests" to login? 


When they loging they just get a 403 Access denied. 


Is this possible or something that can be rolled out? 

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I have the same issue.

I've created a service to allow our co-located suppliers to book our meeting rooms but they can't access it - even when guests of our tennant.


We can't expose the booking option to the whole of the Internet. An option to allow internal users and guests would have been perfect.


Nick Barker