Microsoft employees are not monitoring this forum

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Dear all,


please correct me if I'm wrong, but this forum is not monitored by anyone working for/at the MS Bookings teams?! Ergo, it is superfluous to post any messages here other than for personal entertainment.


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It seems so, even though sometimes MS employees do post something (promotional...) here sometimes, and in the earlier stages of bookings they did reply sometimes.
This is more like a self-help group of people using Bookings, and dealing with the way MS implemented it and/or changes functionality on the fly...
That said, if anyone knows how to contact the MS Bookings dev team to report bugs, Id love to know. Self-help is ok but some bugs are really just... bugs, like:
* deleted calendars are still kind of accessible due to suspected caching not being handled well ->
* a 1-1 service cannot be edited to a group service (which is maybe design related, but...) + when creating a new service, one must first augment the amount of attendees to > 1 before saving, or the service will forever be a 1-1 service. This is explained nowhere and there are multiple posts on this forum about it.
* ...