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We have faculty members that have been looking for a solid tool that will allow them to post a calendar online of their office hours and let students sign up. Currently many of them are still resorting to a piece of paper outside of their office door. In doing some research I discovered that Microsoft launched a tool called Bookings back in July (, but from what I can tell it isn't slated for Education. This has so many use cases for teachers, I can't understand why they wouldn't make it available.


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I raised the same issue with my Swedish Microsoft Account Team when I heard of the tool. According to them the tool is made for SMB but I can see clear use cases at a university. Like meetings with faculty or counceling.


If we are more that talk to Microsoft about releasing the tool to Education customers, the likelier it will get.

Couldn't agree more, universities definitely could benefit from Bookings.


Asked both o365 support and our local MS Premier Support team in Hungary, both said that Bookings is a new feature, and its not available in our market yet, and the best way to ensure we get this feature as soon as it is available in our market  is to set up the 'First Release' option in Office Admin Center.

completely agree, we could use this in a heartbeat in Education. Unfortunately nothing seems to be moving on this.


Come on microsoft enable for education, stick on a licence cost and I will buy it today.


Also please rush Microsoft teams through for education as well.

I did find from another forum that I could get to it by going directly to the URL. Once it is activated I can play around with it a little. The downside, for everyone, is that they have not tied this into personal calendars yet. It pretty much stands alone and really looks like it is set-up to work with sales teams and not individuals trying to schedule appointments on open slots on their calendar.

Judging from this post its still not available. Please Bring it in ASAP for education, we need to be able to book things effectively.