Microsoft Bookings-Staff Member Availability Different Across Services

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In Bookings, can a staff member have differing availabilities across different services?


For example, on one service a staff member should be available basically all day. But on another service that same staff member should only be available for a couple 1-hour timeslots.


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@DaveH2 I have a similar scenario where I have a staff member who is available in person for services on Monday and Wednesday but not available in person on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday and Thursday though they can do virtual appointments.  For your case you would check the box and make a custom schedule that is outside of the normal business hours for that person.

@gflanik Thanks for the reply! Not sure I'm following you... Which checkbox? On the Staff or Services options?


Also, not sure if it makes a difference but I wasn't very clear in my original question in that we have multiple services with the same staff members(~15) in each service. I'd like just one of those staff member's available hours to be different across two different services. I'd like the other staff members available hours to remain as is, same hours across each service they are a part of.


For example;

Adam, Bob and Cody can all have their own unique availabilities to fit what works best for them. Each of them currently have the same availability across 3 different services. (we have this established and set already)

Dan, however, needs to be available basically all day for one of those same 3 services and available for just a couple hours on another one of those service. (this is what we don't know how to do)


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@DaveH2 @gflanik sadly I don't think this is possible.

I also need this. One of the sales team has availability for F2F/Site Meetings on a Wednesday, but online only Thursday/Friday.


Unfortunately, when looking at the individual Services you can't set day and time availability.

It would be a perfect addition to the system though.


In each Service, you have the option of setting up availability. So if your Service is Listed as Online Meeting, you could make the availability Not Bookable for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  and then use your available times for Thursday and Friday. 

My example below is for a service we only want offered at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


I hope this helps!



@ginaschultz thanks so much! I had seen this, but, it was greyed out/wouldn't let me select the drop-down option. I needed to turn off the "Use the default scheduling policy" checkbox. This should work as expected. Thanks again!


Ours is still not performing as desired.


My availability is set as follows.


For one of our our services, the user/client end does indeed have my availability as shown above, so that service is working fine.


However, in our other Emergency Service, I need to be available all day as shown below...




...yet these 8am-5pm availabilities are not reflected on the user end for this service. The user end still shows me available Mon/Wed/Fri as shown below.



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@DaveH1320 we're using Microsoft Bookings for 1 employee per Booking Page/Calendar, so regardless of the "Services" settings, this will apply to the "Staff", because there is only 1 staff member.

I think your use case is different so unfortunately I cannot help.