Microsoft Bookings - showing no availability on front end of our system but availability in backend?

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We have somthing similar. User gets an error that the session cannot be booked, but in the backend the user is added, but gets no notification.
I've noticed that when that happens, I advise the user to refresh the page, and/or clear their browser cache (CTRL + Shift + DEL, then close out all browser windows, and try the link again) as I think the issue is with the authentication being glitchy or timing out if they've authenticated to their browser using their Windows login.

@DiBarabash keeping the page open for a while can cause the sessions to expire and you might want to refresh the page when this happens. We are working on improving this handling.

Note that the user won't be bookable until they accept their membership. You can resend the verification email from the staff's page in Bookings.
hmmm interesting. Do you mean the end user as in the attendee? We assume that they are not on that page for very long. They click the link, pick a date and select their session.
What I've seen in testing is that the first time it seems to go through as normal, and subsequent attempts an error occurs. Very strange.
In my case I was indeed logged in (tab open) for a long time. But other colleagues were not.
Hi thanks, I was talking from an end user perspective.