Microsoft Bookings - Role Problem

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I have created multiple Bookings calendars for different areas. I cloned one I was an admin on, but the new on apparently had me as "Team Member" instead of Admin. I am not able to edit my role or add any additional staff. I realized this after appointments were set, so creating a new calendar for this is not an option. Can anyone help me change my role from 

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Hi @JennLittrel


I am an independent advisor investigating your issue.


I completed a thorough search on this problem.  Booking does not support transferring administrator roles.  Even an IT Administrator can not change the roles using Powershell. However, my source stated that a resolution is being considered for future updates.


Supporting source: Bookings - Adding new administrators of a Bookings Calendar via - Microsoft Community






Thank you for looking into that! I appreciate the response, have a good day!

take an Android device
Install bookings app
Login as global admin
goto Accounts
Edit Button 
Set as admin