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Would love to be able to report on Microsoft Bookings.
Future pipe line, previous appointments  ect.

is this in the roadmap at all?

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I agree - this would be great. The only way I've found so far to extract data from Bookings is using Excel:


Data>Get Data>From Online Services>From Microsoft Exchange Online> and then entering the email address associated with the booking page of the calendar. This will at least allow you to pull a list of bookings and show cancellations, etc

I agree  x2 - this would be great. 

Hi Geoff,


Can you explain me in deep how do you accomplish this???


Thanks in advance,

Hi Luis


See the attached file - hope that helps.



Thanks Geoff,


I tried with your guide but I'm getting an error that the mailbox address isn't valid, my address is like this:


Any idea about this error?

Hi Luis


Based on what you've said the mailbox name you would enter in Excel is , although I would have expected you to be using your own domain name (i.e. rather than

hmmm, that's the address for my bookings page, no idea why it has an onmicrosoft domain :(

Has anyone got the Dash API setup for Bookings? This seems like it would be the way to go.

i have the same result - reporting on bookings is essential - is there an alternative address to enter?


thanks in advance

There seems to have been an update over the past couple of days.

you can now export some data to TSV file - you can open this with Excel, mine however downloads a 1kb file without any data on..


see link below

Yes this is now working for me with newly created calendars, but only seems to export data after 1st October 2018

Thanks for the quick reply :) i did see the option for the CSV file but the link on my homepages doesn't seem to work. I'll check with our admin that we have the latest update as this would be a huge help.


Could only get mine to open whilst using Google Chrome..

Thanks, just tried that but it still wont download, asks me to open with word etc but nothing shows / downloads - i'll keep trying at least with chrome it opens !

Mine is now working, Louise.

Save the TSV file to your desktop, open excel, then go File > Open. bottom right of this screen select all files, then find the TSV file.

press next to the promps and you will have a simple view of your bookings!

Modern technology!

Working for me as well now, but is only picking up bookings from mid-October onwards - so it can't be used for historical reporting but is still a big step forward.

The export function seems to have been taken off. Any info how to get the data from the bookings? (I'm on a mac computer so no Get Data is working from Excel either.)

Thanks! It works!

Is there a way to include more data like Customer notes or other Custom Fields that are created for the services to the report?