Microsoft Bookings - Printed Agenda does not show more than one customers information on a time slot

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We have decided to use Microsoft Bookings for visitation purposes now that COVID restrictions have relaxed but still have a controlled environment. So we only allowed two visitors onsite at all times so I created a service with a time limit of 30 minutes and the maximum attendees is set for 2 so that when the two seats have been taken, the time slot disappears from the published booking page. 


However, when I come to print the agenda off for the day & select Print Detailed Agenda and choose the Day option for the front desk admins to manage the individuals due for the day, if two seats booked the same time slot, For instance John Doe and Annebell Fakeham, the Print Detailed Agenda only shows John Does information and not Annebell Fakehams information?


Additionally, I thought if we saved and printed off the TSV file it would be a workaround however the TSV file does not update regularly, I believe its every 24 hours and the TSV file does not contain any custom fields I created which goes with the booking form & its needed for our confirmation & security purposes.  


Also, how do I delete a Calendar from Microsoft Bookings? I followed the link Microsoft provided ( however that shows you how to delete the user, not the calendar itself. I've also tried the Power-shell guide, but that does not work. 


Anyone have any idea how to get around these issues? 




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