Microsoft Bookings Page iFrame does not connect

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Hi there,
following issue:
I am trying to integrate an MS Booking page into our website (Joomla) using an iFrame.
This worked beautifully for two days and now suddenly I get a message that " refused to connect."
I googled that this is not unusual, because some website prevent being loaded in an iFrame. However MS Bookings itself provides an iFrame HTML Code under the embed option. So it is intended to be loaded in an iframe. Therefore I don't get why this is happening and how i can stop it from happening.
Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

Many thanks and kind regards

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Same here. But i didnt changed nothing in the past. since 1-2 weeks i cant use the iframe. @AdrianWollmann


Cheers Matthias

It's working again, at least for me. Without doing anything, just to say.

@miTSichredenOur booking form is working too now. But still the same issue: it's in English instead of German. Settings are correct. @Pratk Can you help? Matthias' form is also in English instead of German.

@enicely Did you get a resolution or explanation to the support case you opened with MS?  We are no experiencing the same "out of the blue" issue it sounds like.

@billwiggins, we didn't get an explanation but they said it was a known issue and 2 months later they fixed it.

By then, however, we had moved on to alternative solution and had our link open the bookings page directly instead of using the iFrame. It didn't look as nice but worked consistently.

We haven't gone back to the original setup because we were afraid the issue would be a common occurrence and didn't want to worry about.

Hope this helps.