Microsoft Bookings Page iFrame does not connect

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Hi there,
following issue:
I am trying to integrate an MS Booking page into our website (Joomla) using an iFrame.
This worked beautifully for two days and now suddenly I get a message that " refused to connect."
I googled that this is not unusual, because some website prevent being loaded in an iFrame. However MS Bookings itself provides an iFrame HTML Code under the embed option. So it is intended to be loaded in an iframe. Therefore I don't get why this is happening and how i can stop it from happening.
Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

Many thanks and kind regards

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same issue here. I've been using the embedded iframe for more than a year without any issues and today - refuses to connect.

Firefox gives you the option to open it in a new window but chrome and safari just present a blank page.

Same issue with our bookings link. We just caught it today as well. Bump for awareness? 

I'm having the exact same problem. I'm aware of nothing that has changed, but the embed has randomly stopped working today for some reason.


I have the same problem, have several calendars in use, but gradually all of them were no longer displayed.

The language setting is also no longer adopted, it is always English!

Is it possible that Microsoft has a server problem?


have you figured something out for this @AdrianWollmann because I am still having this issue with bookings with my WordPress website

I am have the same problem.. any solutions?
Have you seen this? Sounds related to me

Updated May 4, 2023: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.
The self-schedule URL for the Microsoft Bookings Calendar, which is the customer facing URL for your Bookings Calendar to create/update/cancel appointments will be changed.

Existing URL format:
The new URL format:
Customers who have the old URL won't face any issue as the old URL will redirect to the new URL automatically. However, if anyone has any firewall / security restriction based on the URL, they will have to add the new URL format to their allowed list to ensure the new URL won't be blocked within or outside their org access.
[When this will happen:]
The changes will roll out in mid-May (previously mid-April). also on the official roadmap but can't find link right now
thanks for the hint. but: even converted to the new link it does not work. Even if you call up the new link directly (without iFrame), the booking page is not opened.
And Microsoft offers the old link for copying / embedding still in in bookings.
Hello everyone,
I have the same problem. via direct link works, but iframe still doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks
Can you try to to update the iFrame code from:

<iframe src='<>'
<iframe src='<>'.
Doing this causes the embed to redirect and load the default booking page for my users.
when I update to
<iframe src='' width='100%' height='100%' scrolling='yes' style='border:0'></iframe>
it just shows a blank page...
Same. It still doesn't work. Also when changing the link.

Since end of May the embedded iframe doesn't work anymore: blank in website page/in firefox browser the error "Zu Ihrem Schutz erlaubt es Firefox nicht, diese Seite anzuzeigen, wenn sie in eine andere Seite eingebettet ist. Zur Anzeige der Seite muss diese in einem neuen Tab geöffnet werden."

When using the direct link the booking form is in English instead of German.

I had a call with Microsoft Business Support. He had no immediate solution. I should look at this thread till the Microsoft rep gives help today.
thank you for massages
i tried but doesn't work. i think we have to wait to the right solution from microsoft.
Can you raise a support ticket with Microsoft with the URL of your booking page? If already raised, please share the ticket ID here.
I opened ticket # 2305240010002877 8 days ago but so far, no resolution.