Microsoft Bookings logs & audit

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Hi, I would like where it is possible to find the logs and audit files of the Bookings application. The goal is to retrieve a list of events like : when the calendar was created, modified, by who, etc. Thank you.

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Can someone from Microsoft please respond? We are trying to deploy Bookings but we must first demonstrate that Bookings activities are logged in the audit.



Do anyone have any information on if this is possible? We would like to know this also.

This is achievable with the use of excel and Data, Get Data, From Online Services, From Microsoft Exchange Online. You'll need your Bookings email address @LiamMTU 

I'm looking at a option like this as well. I tried the Excel Data connection but only gives me the current booking calendar events. We need to know when customers and admins schedule or cancel events. For example we had an event cancelled that a customer was questioning and we need to see if they canceled the event or if it was on of the admins on our side. Would be really good to have a record of those events.

You are refering to which email, the one we are logged to microsoft bookings or the bookings team's email.