Microsoft bookings- Limit Calendar month view on the booking page.

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Hi there,


Relatively new to Microsoft bookings.

I'm using it to as a booking system for events at our institution. Some events are a one off, and some are monthly. For the time being, I'm only looking at putting events on for just the months of September and October. On the booking page, the Calendar lets you skip ahead to months beyond this ( up to September 2024). To prevent aimless clicking ahead (and finding no events), is there a way for me to limit the calendar view, so users only see the months September and October?


And as a side thing- Is there a way to make the bold numbers on the calendar (to indicate the dates that have availability for the sessions) stand out a bit more? I've had some users comment that it can be a bit tricky to see. 

Thanks! :')

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@Courtney1300 You can configure the available date range for your Bookings service like below and it should restrict the dates that can be booked. You can do this either from Bookings page level ( or at service level (




Thanks for the feedback on the date selection, will get it addressed asap.






Hi Babu,

Thank you for your reply.

We already do the below to restrict the dates that are bookable.

What we were wanting to change, is the calendar view that attendees see.

Even if I restrict dates to say September and October, attendees are still able to keep clicking ahead to other months. They can't book onto anything on those other months but are able to keep clicking through. 


This is the calendar I'm referring to, that is the live booking view. 


~Courtney :')