Microsoft Bookings is not synchronizing with Outlook Calendar

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I have a shared booking page with my team and I noticed that our Outlook availability does not sync with the Microsoft bookings link we share out to our partners for them to book time with us. There are days when my staff are busy and they have blocked that time out on their calendar, but Bookings still shows availability during those times. Also, we have partners who have already booked time with us, but for some reason the time is showing up as an option for other partners to book. I don't want to get double-booked, so looking for a solution soon....


Here are a few things I have already tried:

-Enabled "Events on Office calendar affect availability" for all staff

-Outlook email sharing permissions set to "my organization can view when I'm busy"

-Region and time zone set to the proper time zone and enabled "Always show time slots in business time zone"

-Default scheduling policy enabled in service-specific settings

-Default scheduling policy set to "Bookable when staff are free"



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