Microsoft Bookings is auto-cancelling calendar appointments

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I created a booking system for our organization using Microsoft Bookings and we've encountered a big problem. The system is - seemingly randomly - sending calendar cancellations to people who have booked sessions. This is causing huge confusion and makes the whole system unusable for us. It sometimes happens when a new person, eg Person B, signs up for a session. Person A, who had already signed up, gets a calendar cancellation. These sessions are designed for multiple participants.


Please help. We'll have to ditch the whole system if we can't resolve this. It's very frustrating. Thanks!

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Hi @Katherine115 


I am an independent advisor answering Bookings questions.


Bookings cancellation is a known issue.

If one staff member declines, the entire event cancels.

If one customer cancel a session, everyone receives a cancellations.


One person reported that they had to contact MS Support to fix it. Unfortunately he did not share the solution.


Please share the fix in this thread which will assist others with the same issue.


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I'm seeing this issue as well. The email is then sending to all customers signed up in the multi-customer meeting, and contains information about the customer. This is very concerning. Did you end up getting a resolution?

@ThomasSchwoerer Unfortunately, no. It makes the system virtually unusable and I'm actively seeking alternatives. Sorry I couldn't help! It would be immensely helpful to hear directly from a Microsoft support person.

Yikes, this is not what I wanted to hear... I'll keep you posted on my ticket with Microsoft.
I realise this is a slightly old thread now, but was there ever a solution found to this?
Same here, and I sent a report to Microsoft some 2 or 3 weeks ago and nothing happened. I had to email the people asking them not to pay attention to the canceling messages, yet some people are not arriving and keep asking about the cancellation emails, I'm talking about almost 200 people.
In my case, people are not canceling, the cancelation arrives to them just because. We are not able to identify the reason.
A solution is needed!