Microsoft bookings is adding non related clients to meetings when it should show as not available.

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Since the beginning of 2022, I've had a new issue where I am having 2 separate clients book the same time because the amount of seats available for a meeting was set to 5 so it was adding non related clients to a meeting. I've then had to contact the 2nd booking and have them reschedule.  I've since changed the seats to 2 but will this continue to happen?  How do I ensure that if a time slot is booked, it is not available to someone else to book the same time?  I tried to update to 1 seat but it wouldn't let me.  thanks

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Thank you for sharing the feedback @Deanna66 and sorry for the inconvinience.


Looking at your feedback here, things seems to be working As-Designed. If a service is created as group service (>=2 max attendees), currently it can not be changed back to a 1:1 service. Though, we'll consider the feedback and try to address it in the future appropriately.


Also, for group services, by definition, as long as not all seats are booked for a time slot, multiple clients are allowed to book that slot. If we don't want to allow that to happen for a service, we can create it as a 1:1 service. I hope this helps.

@askango I have a desire to have multiple attendees for the same meeting but not using the current Group service. For example, we are an accounting firm who wants to meet with a business owner and their bookkeeper. At this time we have an unpublished Consultation set as a Group service where we will add both attendees. Our staff member will not see who they are meeting with on their Outlook Calendar and must go to the Booking Calendar and Edit that booking to see who is attending. To aid in this our admin will add another calendar event with the client name and notes for this meeting. We desire the ability to have our clients book a service and add other attendants without it being a Group service that unrelated parties can book as well. Or say we want to meet via Teams with a husband and wife who will not be in the same place at the same time to discuss tax matters. It would sure be nice to allow them to book a meeting through bookings and include each other. Also, this being an unpublished service means we lose the convenience of having our clients be able to book a day/time themselves.


Bookings has been great but this has been a big issue for us. It's often that we want to meet with a client and one of their service providers to discuss an issue. We can always schedule this through our calendar but there are added steps to set up reminders or make it a Team meeting and the loss of the ability for the clients to book without a phone call or back and forth emails.