Microsoft Bookings - How to see client information in Outlook calendar

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I'm experiencing the following issue:


- when a client book a slot, an event is created on my Outlook calendar, but I am not able to see the information regarding the client in that event. There is a note saying "This is a multi-client booking" and that I have to enter Bookings to see the client's informations. 


- I have tried to reduce the numer of participants allowed in that specific service, but it won't go lower than "2". Even with this reduction, I cannot still see the client information in Calendar


Can someone tell me how to make the information visibile in Calendar? It is very unconvenient to enter Bookings just to see who is the client that booked that specific spot..


Thank you very much





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Found a solution in a previous post However it seems unreasonable that I cannot change the max number of attendees back to "1" but I have to create a whole new service to solve the problem! I hope they fix this issue soon