Microsoft Bookings - how to delete a company?

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Is there a possibility to delete a company informations from Bookings or Office 365 and make a tottaly new one? I can't find any option in Office 365 or Exchange admin centers, neither in Bookings.

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I'm asking the same question. I didn't find the way to delete a bookings company. It's very weird not to have this option!
You can add as many company you want but can't delete it.

Does anyone have the answer?

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Hi Lukasz - Thanks for the question! You can create a new booking calendar that won't be affected by the previous one. We are working on a friendly UI way to delete the ones you don't want. You can ask for specific instructions in the forum

This link has details on how you could do that.


Like Gabe mentioned, we dont have a UI for this yet.

I managed to remove the scheduled calendar that someone built.


However how do I remove the Company or restrict who within the company can create this in the first place

Hi there - 


Are there any timelines for a solution for this? We have a few aging calendars that we've unpublished and ultimately would like to be able to delete. 




Sorry - currently, you can delete using powershell only - see instructions at the following link.

When I run the powershell, it shows we have 2 and both are named very similar.  How do I know which is the right one? Is there a place I can go in bookings to see the actual name or the Alias or the server name??  Is there a way in PowerShell I can see a creation date? or Last Modified Date?



This only seems to delete the booking calendar and not the company, how do you delete the company?
Yes ditto, how to delete a company, not just a calendar?

Also there is no facility to setup multiple calendars for the same company. eg: car bookings, room bookings, staff bookings etc. I tried doing this by creating 3 seperate companies but then the mobile app only displays one company calendar at a time unless you log off/in again.

@David Wilson 


You may not need the answer anymore but I ran into this (link below) as I was trying to see if there was any way to delete a Bookings company which may be what you are looking for.  The answer is still no, we cannot manage bookings in any useful way, and I guess people dropped this back in 2018 because the ability was never developed which meant that companies never adopted it.  It is a shame because there is so much potential.



@Łukasz Klimkiewicz 


I voted this up and am also replying to show some activity because the need is being ignored because the service is still more or less unmanageable, with the obvious exception deleting a calendar.  Warning to anyone thinking of doing deleting the Bookings calendar, deleting that calendar breaks the Bookings company it is associated with and as near as I can tell, makes the Company site unusable.

@Busted1942 Same boat as you. As part of a University, We need this program working more than ever before. I need to be able to delete a company, change the company URL if I rename the company, and change the minimum number of people that I can meet at one time from 1 to 2+ or vise versa without having to create a new service. 

@Łukasz Klimkiewicz 

Hi Everyone, Has there been a fix to delete a company yet? I was just testing it out for the first time and now can't delete the test company I created. 


It's surprising they have not yet fixed this issue.

Same here. I was testing the Bookings function and now can't delete the testing company created. It makes me reluctant to try the function now as I am afraid my actions are irreversible. It seems the issue has been brought up by other users years ago and it is still there (surprisingly). Wish it can be fixed asap.

@Joanne_Lee I found that each new Bookings page creates a user in O365 that is named according to the initial name of the Booking. Both the URL and username reflect this.

If you delete the user from O365 and wait some time, the Bookings page will be deleted.

I believe they structured it this way because the Bookings page relies primarily on an Outlook calendar, which is created for the user it creates and then shared to make Bookings function appropriately.

When you delete the user, it deletes the calendar and bookings page.

I also tested restoring the user after deletion, and it did fully restore the Bookings page and calendar.
I assume any invites however, would not be restored.

@Andrew Federico Thank you for your reply, it works exactly as what you've mentioned.  Although I still see the name of the previous Bookings, it does not function anymore and I am able to create a new company now. 

@Łukasz Klimkiewicz 


In order to delete a company in Bookings, you must delete the associated mailbox (email address) for the company. Reference: Can I delete a previously created Bookings calendar? | Microsoft Docs





Go to the Bookings calendar you want to delete.



In that calendar, under settings, go to you the Microsoft Bookings page.



Open the link for your public Bookings page (make sure you've enabled the link).



Find the mailbox/email address associated to that calendar in the link.




In Microsoft 365 Admin center, go to Active Users.

Microsoft 365 admin center - Active users



Find and delete the "user", which in this case is the Bookings calendar you want to delete.


And voilà, your Bookings company/calendar will disappear once the Microsoft servers have completely updated (might take up to 24 hours)