Microsoft Bookings - How can I create "general" appointment without choosing specific staff member?

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I want the user to be able to select an appointment for a Service (fingerprint appointments - that is our only service), WITHOUT selecting a staff member's name. I continuously turn off the check box on the Services page.... "Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking," but every time I return to the page, that option is turned back on. (Yes, I save it) Oddly enough, on the Bookings page, that option IS turned off, but it is always turned on for the Services page.


We need to be able to have the user schedule an appointment with the office, not a specific person. BUT, we need the three staff members that handle these appointments to be notified via email whenever an appointment is made.


Any ideas?

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You can try ticking the option of default policy on each service page so they all refer to the policy setting on the home page.
For staff query, there are two options.
1. List all three staff and tick ' notify business via email when a booking is created or modified'. This way email will go to all but the appointment will be scheduled with one of them.
2. Create an email address (maybe E1 kind,because it's cheap) and forward email to all three from that. Also add all three staff and make them non-bookable by changing there working hours to nil i.e. day off. This way customer can cannot choose employee and email goes to all three and they can login to bookings from their id as well. Hope that helps.

@Haidozo8 looks to me like a BUG. The booking page checks only after you selected a service, whether this has several employees assigned and selectable. Even if both (in my case) services don't allow to select an employee, this options seems only to be checked against, once the service is selected.