Microsoft Bookings: Get it Now not showing

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Looking at Microsoft Bookings, this product has been turned on for my account.  I am able to see the Bookings icon in the launcher.

However when I go to it to try to set it up, it takes me to my OWA email.  Is the reason I cannot access it because my email is not in the cloud?

Secondly, I set up a trial tenant to see if I could get any further, with my trial tenant completely in the cloud, email included.  When I access Bookings from the launcher through my trial tenant, I see:

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Ask your admin

Talk to your IT administrator about getting Bookings enabled for you. 


This is my trial tenant and I am the global admin - how to I enable Bookings?  I have already purchased it as a free product and applied it to my global admin account on trial tenant.



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Did you get a resolution to this?  I'm the IT Admin and I can't get it to work.  I get the same "you're gonna love it but we're not gonna give you access" message.  Is there a trick to it?

I'm getting the same thing. I have even upgraded the office. Cannot get bookings to work for anyone but myself. I hope someone comes up with a solution.

We found out that we needed to be on Exchange Online in order for this to work.