Microsoft Bookings Freezing, Page disappearing

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I've created a very simple booking with 3 services.


  1. When the page loads, clicking on a service, renders the page blank, waiting does not return the page.  

  2. When checking Staff Availability is not working correctly: 
    Staff is busy on Oct 1st for Service A
    Selecting Service B for Oct 2nd, or 3rd or any day really, for the same staff states staff is not available, even though there is no schedule conflicts. Clicking on a different service to try and load the times, causes issue 1 to happen.

Currently unable to deploy or test bookings since this is not working correctly. 



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I figured out the issue. A staff member went missing and the service had an "Undefined" error on the service that could not self resolve. Solution: To delete the service with "Undefined" errors under staff and recreate a new one with the correct staff. Page no longer freezes and availability for other staff is now working.