Microsoft bookings Format and Layout

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Hi Is booking the application that Microsoft forgot?


It could be a great application but it is too inflexible.


Here are a number of things that could be done to improve it fast.

  1. Allow you to display any and all questions before the diary, allow for all compulsory fields to be completed before the diary is displayed
  2. Allow you to drag and drop question field to make a nice looking form.
  3. All you to switch of headers and footers
  4. allow you to just expose your diary and the booking functionality within third party applications like gravity forms Facebook etc
  5. Have a look at some of the core functionality in things like calendly to see where improvements can be made. I had to purchase this subscription as the look and feel of booking was so poor

I am a certified web conversion expert and the general look and feel of booking when presenting the scheduling form would mean 95% of people going to the form would not complete it.


here are a couple of pages where i have implemented both for comparision




Calendly is not perfect either as it still does not let put questions before the scheduling so you could steal a real march on competitors.


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