Microsoft Bookings - Direct link to service?

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I work in education and I am trying to set up a bookings calendar.

Is it possible to have a Microsoft Bookings link that takes the end user directly to a service?

As our staff use their outlook calendar for things like reminders, it is not practical for outlook calendars to be linked with bookings – so in Bookings I have unticked Events on Office Calendar affects availability for each staff.

I need to set up a second calendar which has some of the same staff that are in the first calendar. However as I have unticked Events on Office Calendar affects availability it means that availability for a staff will not update on the second calendar if the staff gets booked on the first calendar.

The reason why I need a second calendar, is that the appointment of the second calendar are much more limited than on the first calendar. I could set up the second calendar as a service on the first calendar but I believe that after noticing limited appointments in this service, they will go back to the first service and book an appointment and not all staff in the first service are qualified to carry out assessments that is required for this group of end users.

The availability issue would be fixed if it was possible to set up both services on one calendar, and I could send a link directly to the given service.

I will appreciate any responses with potential solutions/workarounds.

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If you click on the Service in MS Bookings and look at the service details section there is "Service booking page" link that you can send on to end users for booking the service.





Worked perfectly - thank you so much!