Microsoft Bookings continues to say loading staff

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See the screenshot below. 

In the bookings form created, when customers try to create a booking, it always says loading next to the staff member's name. It doesn't ever go away, and it doesn't seem to affect functionality but it does look unprofessional. 


Can someone provide advice. 



Bookings issue.png







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@CassarSunny we are having the same issue, were you able to identify the root of the problem?

@stefanomilici Just started working out of no-where, not sure what made it work.

Same here. it worked a week, then randomly users are seeing "Loading" and my account see Loading permanently. Even I am Admin. My co-Admin is having Loading just sometimes. Refresh seems to help to him.
Removing me from Customers and then from STAFF and from ADMIN role didnt help.