Microsoft Bookings - change primary calendar on homepage

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Hi there.

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I have set up a bookings calendar and it is working fine. Today I tried to set up a second calendar to test something else. However, I can no longer access my primary calendar through the Bookings homepage. It still works (because I just received a new booking which synched perfectly to my Outlook calendar. But, not being able to access the Bookings calendar from the Bookings homepage means that I cannot edit any settings in that calendar. That's far from ideal.

SO this is what happens:

I go to the bookings homepage and it opens up on the newest calendar that I created. If I click on the menu arrow and I'm offered "new" or "open" options. If I select "open" the pop-up window tells me "we can't find any calendars".

Help please!

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@Michael-D I am having this same issue! I created a second bookings page and my first one cannot be accessed. Even though it is still active on the user end of the page. Very frustrating! Not sure how to recover my page. Were you able to find a solution?