Microsoft Bookings Cancellations

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Customers are booking appointments with me through the Microsoft Bookings app. They receive a calendar invitation and accept it into their Outlook calendar.


However, when they delete or cancel this appointment in their own outlook calendar, I am not receiving the notificiation about this. I therefore think that I have an appointment with the customer but they think that they have cancelled it. I know for a fact that their calendar system sends cancellation notifications because I received them in the past when I was using Google calendar. Now that I have switched to Microsoft, I am not getting any notifications which does not seem very logical.


Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?



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@DL157 same issue here! any solution for this issue so far?


This is old, but for everyone else - the instructiosn clearly say they have to click the "Manage Bookings" link to change or cancel the appointment.  Deleting or choosing No etc will not do it off of their personal calendar.