Microsoft Bookings-Availability dependent on multiple staff member schedules

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Is there a way to make service available date/times dependent on multiple staff members' schedules instead of 1 person? 


We have 2 staff members setup in Microsoft Booking

Both staff members have a checkmark next to 'Events on Office 365 calendar affect availability'

On the Booking Page:

  • Availability is set to 'bookable when staff are free'
  • Unchecked allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking

We setup a service setup so customers can't select individual staff members. I assumed that meant that it would depend on both of the staff members.  But when people try to schedule events, it seems on only look at 1 of the staff member calendars instead of 2 staff members to check if they are both available.


I hope that makes sense!



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Last update stated general availability is November 2022. It's December 1- I double checked and see no update.
They meant NOvember ... LOL - Hopefully we'll see this in January sometime.

@MikeFM2063 -- It looks like we can add additional staff after the fact, but that doesn't really help with scheduling. Either they meant NOvember or November 2122.

I really wish they would implement this, Bookings is basically unusable for us without it... We're a small startup, we all have different schedules and for some "services" all of us need to be present.
@David - Booking is really Amazing. I've MADE it work despite this limitation. But to find common times amougnst team members and resources would be a total game changer. They have another solution "Findtime" that I've tried using in the past. But it requires that one puts time on hold which quickly negates the benefit and pollutes scheduled. Bookings is 90% awesome and 10% utter disappointment. So close to 100% awesome. Hopefully soon.
Any update on this consolidated feature of multiple calendars? I know many of us are eagerly waiting on this and checking back daily.
Hi Everyone ... I noticed a "New" feature in bookings today. There is now a "Multiple staff" option under the service ... assign staff to the service ... and choose service type. This could be it. This could be what I've been waiting for! I'm going to give it a try. Excited!

@MikeFM2063 Yep, that option will only show times when all staff are available 👍🏻.  It does allow you to only assign a subset of the staff assigned to that service, if you like.



Then, on the Bookings page for that service, "Staff group" with the names of the assigned staff members, is shown above the calendar.


I've had some users waiting for this feature as well!