Microsoft Bookings-Availability dependent on multiple staff member schedules

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Is there a way to make service available date/times dependent on multiple staff members' schedules instead of 1 person? 


We have 2 staff members setup in Microsoft Booking

Both staff members have a checkmark next to 'Events on Office 365 calendar affect availability'

On the Booking Page:

  • Availability is set to 'bookable when staff are free'
  • Unchecked allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking

We setup a service setup so customers can't select individual staff members. I assumed that meant that it would depend on both of the staff members.  But when people try to schedule events, it seems on only look at 1 of the staff member calendars instead of 2 staff members to check if they are both available.


I hope that makes sense!



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@ascquestions   I'm having the same issue.  Seems to only look at one staff member's availability when multiple staff are selected.  

@ascquestions Have you checked that the view permissions of the two staff members' Outlook calendars allow 'Default' to view free/busy information? If the staff members have set permissions that don't show free/busy information, Bookings can't pull it and will therefore ignore that calendar.

@Kreera House I appreciate the response!  I did check that out and they've granted full visibility.  I can see their calendars in Bookings.  For some reason, availability across the calendars isn't represented in available bookings for multiple staff under one booking.  

@Kreera House thank you for responding. both of the user calendars are available for organization to view free/busy.

@jttran74 You're welcome. You may want to unassign the two staff members from the specific service(s) and then reassign them. Maybe even remove them completely from the site's staff list and re-add them.


Bookings should take the availability of all of the assigned staff members into consideration, not just one of them, so that meetings can be assigned to all assigned staff based on their availability.

@tayahl Great suggestion.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me as it can't detect individuals' availability.  

We have the same issue / same need. Did you ever find a solution?

@CommGuy725 Unfortunately no.  I completely abandoned Bookings after finding no luck.  

@ascquestions Same issue here... It doesn't look at a 'teams' collective availability when including two or more people.  Frustrating that a somewhat obvious feature and an easy logic code hasn't been included. 

@jttran74 What solution did you end up implementing? We are having the same issue on our end.



For what it is worth, here is what I have discovered as of 10/7/2021.  When you create a “Service(s)” in Bookings, the application views it much like a haircut.  So if a haircut takes 30 minutes and you have five people added as assigned staff for that service, it presents to the “Customer(s)” availability of any of those five staff members to perform the 30 minute haircut.  The application does not take into consideration that all five staff members may be required simultaneously for the haircut.  This would be a nice, and I assume fairly obvious feature that should be added to the services page.


In my particular use case, I am trying to display my availability in conjunction with my team members so that external Customers can book consultation meetings with me and my team.  Unfortunately if I have a prior obligation but one of my team members is free, it shows the Customer that the time block is free.  You can test these assumptions out by adding and removing people from Services and monitoring how the availability changes.


Want to see this product enhanced?  While inside the bookings application, go to the help section (?) and click on “Give feedback.”  Type something to the effect of…


“Dear Microsoft, 


On the “Services” section of Microsoft Bookings, please add a toggle button that requires all “Assigned staff” for that service have calendar availability before Customers time slots are presented as available to a customer.  Currently Customers can select a timeslot if any given member of the Service’s assigned staff are available.”