Microsoft Bookings - Attendee cancellation triggers name change and cancellation of full event

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We schedule multiple session for different services (training courses) and have found that when an attendee cancels it sometimes changes the name of the event to include their name, sometimes adds cancelled to the name of the event and also sends a cancellation to the trainer but its still fully active and bookable in the booking calendar. We haven't been able to replicate this in testing but it looks like its happening to a few Microsoft bookings users. I've added a few images below to show to events cancelled on outlook but live on the calendar. 

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Hi @D_Sugarman,

Did you ever manage to solve this? I am also experiencing similar. It looks as if if one person cancels it somehow cancels it in the trainers calendar but the session is still live and clickable on the bookings page - Very Odd!

Do let me know if you managed to solve it :)