Microsoft Bookings: Appointment notification emails not coming to both admins

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I set up Bookings for education services offered by our company. I am an admin (since it was made under my account) and I made my colleague an admin. 

For some reason ONLY my colleague is getting the notification emails when a booking is made. I should be getting them too, but I had no idea they were even coming in until she said something. Now she forwards me the emails she gets. Not a sustainable practice and also very mysterious as to why I'm not getting the emails too when I did before AND I'm the original admin. I didn't make any changes in the settings or anything.

Really need to fix this so we BOTH get the notification emails. Thanks!

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I am experiencing the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Same issue here. Need to send booking notification to a group without using a group distribution list for the Business Information.