Microsoft Bookings App - No Selected Team Member

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Our team is using Bookings to schedule client appointments, and we're looking for a specific functionality that competitor apps (Calendly, ScheduleOnce, etc.) have.

What we'd like is for certain appointments to be automatically given to team members in equal distribution. Calendly refers to it as "round-robin" selecting. 


It seems as though Bookings does allow for something similar: you can select an option where clients aren't able to select a specific team member for a service, and then it seemingly automatically goes to who has availability.


I was just wondering how this works exactly, as there isn't any kind of explanation other than the brief sentence next to the checkbox for this setting.


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Hi Michael, wondering if you've had any luck figuring out if that functionality of Bookings is the same as round-robin in Calendly. Or if you've found another way to accomplish the same thing.