Microsoft Bookings App - Calendar Page - Is there a way I can resolve these challenges?

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I'm new to Microsoft Bookings and have been excited to give it a run in our business however there are a few issues in the Calendar page (in the booking app) that might be a showstopper for us.


I'm very interested to find out if solutions exist for the following (in the Calendar page of the booking app):


  1. Change the time intervals to 15 minutes. - Our Default Scheduling Policy is set to 15 minute intervals, but the page view is in 30 minute intervals.
  2. Enable visibility of free/busy information in 'work week' and 'month' views. - At present the only way to view free/busy information in the calendar (for bookings made directly into the calendar) is to use the 'day by staff' view
  3. Allow staff to view available timeslots in the interface that is accessed via the 'new booking' button. Preferably, only allow staff members to book meetings as per the defined services and calendar availability, with an override option if required.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.




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1. Please check if the time increments set for that particular service are also set to 15 mins. A service can have its own time increments which can override the default scheduling policy.

2. Free/Busy is for multiple staff members so we show it only in the Day by Staff option and not in the work week or month views.

3. Yes, admin or scheduler can book meetings which can override the staff or service availability. Currently, there is no option to restrict this. Thanks for the feedback. We will consider this for the future.

Thank you for your response @Pratk

In this case Microsoft Bookings isn't the solution for us at this stage.

Regards, Dale