Microsoft Bookings API timeout

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I'm using the microsoft booking api, with microsoft graph. For some reason, one of my Booking Page is getting a Timeout response on the Create bookingAppoiment (POST). I created another Booking Page, with the same configuration and services from the other and it works fine. The problem looks to be with this first Booking Page.

Besides, the Get bookingAppoiment (GET) also has a very bad perfomance in the first Booking Page, taking 15 seconds to return the response, while the second Booking Page takes only 2 seconds.



The First Booking Page is using a Guid as it name (c42a4f17b99ce71191b280c16e075108). The second one is using a normal text (test-tiago). I create others Booking Page, using a Guid similar to the first one and all get the same problem. When a created with a normal text, no problem happen, can the name of the Booking causing a bad perfomance in the Graph search?

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