Microsoft Booking open up existing calendar

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I've created Microsoft Booking calendar and added 2 other staff members as admins to the site. I'm able to access the calendar without any issues from my PC, but when I tried to open up it on mobile app it just asking for new business information to set up a new one.


Also for the 2 staff members cannot access this calendar on their PCs as it create new one. The three of us have Microsoft Office 365 A3 subscriptions,

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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@NgardiI'm running in the same situation.  I created a Bookings calendar and added staff members as Admins, but they cannot find the calendar either. I am hoping for a quick solution. We are a clinic wanting to use Bookings, but this issue is holding us back.

@j_hons I found a workaround for other users to access the calendar. When you create a new calendar it will automatically generate an email account with Office 365 services and you can find it at the bottom of confirmation email you get it with the new calendar creation. Please share the following link with email address at the end with other users, so they can open up the calendar you created. 


However I'm still unable to access it from mobile app, looking forward to hear from some experts.<email address for the booking calendar>


@j_hons Were you able to find a solution? I am having the same issues.