Meetings go longer than work hours allow

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Hi all,


checked other posts but cant find anything regarding this. Hope i'm not duplicating threads. 


I was playing around with bookings for the first time today and noticed that its possible to book meetings that go beyond working hours. 

Working hours: 8am - 5pm

If i have a blocker for that time period, it shows "no available time slot" from the customer POV - thats working as intended. 

But if my blocker goes from 8am - 4:59pm, its possible to book a 1,5h meeting at 4:59pm. So id effectivly work until 6:29pm.
Not only that but the website also offers a windows starting from 5:29pm which makes even less sense.

Other than setting my work hours to the latest possible time for a 1,5h meeting, how can i resolve this?

Thanks and take care

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Please check how the staff's availability is configured.
Note that staff availability and service availability needs to be configured as per the timezone of the booking page.

If staff availability is configured to working hours i.e., 8AM to 5PM, then the above case should not happen. However, if the staff availability is set as 'use business hours', then the staff can be booked during the entire business hours (and not just working hours).

Hope this helps.