Meetings deleted in Outlook calendar still showing up in Bookings calendar

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We are new to using bookings and have noticed that if a client makes an appointment through bookings and then calls us to say they want to cancel it, we delete it in our team members outlook calendar but it still shows in the bookings calendar which means the space does not come up as available to someone else trying to book online.  I know the meetings are supposed to be cancelled via the booking email but is there any way we can get it to delete from bookings when deleted from outlook.  Not everyone has access to go into bookings, they just have access to everyone's outlook calendar.

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I have the same question and problem. Worse (assume this is the same thing), if user block out part of their day in Outlook, then remove those events to create additional free time, Bookings still shows that time as booked and unavailable. Frustrated that there's no response to your question. Not sure I'm supposed to, but out of desperation, I'm going to create a new post on this same subject.


Hi both,

unfortunately if you delete the booking from the calendar it will only delete it from this calendar. That said if you’re a delegate/ organiser of this meeting then you should be able to open it and select cancel meeting, this will then send the cancellation to the bookings calendar and remove it. If after the cancellation email doesn’t remove it then you may need someone to check the settings on the bookings account as it may not be set to automatically delete once it’s cancelled. Hope this helps. 



You may also need additional access in order to be able to cancel these bookings. You won’t be able to do it on the client’s behalf if you don’t have the permission to do so

@Lynda_R1423, I don't understand this logic at all. Let's say I put an event on my calendar, like I'm going to the dentist on March 13 from 10:00 - 11:30am. That time should show as unavailable in Bookings and does. So far so good.


If I then cancel the appointment or push it back by a few weeks, then Bookings needs to update to show that I am now available on March 13 from 10:00 - 11:30. It does not. This is the problem.


This problem has nothing to do with making changes in Bookings. This is about making changes to the calendar in Outlook, which is obviously where any of us make changes to our own schedule. The whole point of Bookings is to show the outside world when we are free so they can book a time with us. To be useful as a companion to Outlook calendars, Bookings MUST reflect free time as specified in the Outlook calendar.

This has nothing to do with permissions. The problem is with Outlook events on MY calendar (or any user's calendar) that I (or that user) created and then moved. This is not about moving or deleting events on someone else's calendar.

As it happens, I'm a domain admin for our tenant anyway, so I have max permissions.

Sorry my bad, I misread that. Microsoft Bookings can sync with your Outlook calendar for availability, but you cannot use your Outlook calendar to manage your appointments that were scheduled via Bookings. Therefore, if you need to cancel / edit an appointment that was scheduled through Microsoft Bookings, you need to do so via the Bookings website. The functionality to change / delete the booking from Outlook itself is not available.

@Lynda_R1423, I do see the original post mentioned meetings created in Bookings, but note that if you create an event in Outlook then delete it from Outlook, that time also remains unavailable in Bookings as if it weren't deleted from Outlook. Obviously events added in Outlook (might not even be meetings, could just be setting aside time for heads-down work or a dentist appointment or a planned vacation) need to be deleteable from Outlook. E.g., I have a dentist appoint planned for March 5. They call me and tell me that the dentist won't be available but want to reschedule it for the following week, March 12. They're not going through Bookings and that was only reserved on my calendar in Outlook. I make the change in Outlook. Bookings needs to reflect those changes. It does block the new time, but it fails to free up the original time. That's a serious defect.


There seems to be a fundamental bug in that Bookings does not reflect removal updates to the Outlook calendar (it does reflect additions), which renders it partially useless. It does the booking part correctly but it does not properly show released events that should be available for booking. 


I believe all of these issues are connected with the common problem being that Bookings fails to reflect removals in Outlook as free time, regardless of the source.