Maximum Number of Attendees

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I have services on MS Bookings with maximum number of attendees for each service as "1". However, already booked time slot is shown as available for the next booking that results in multiple bookings for a specific time slot. If anyone has a solution to avoid such overlaps, please help me out.

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@Rosari_Selvan unfortunately I do not have a solution for this, but I experience the same issue! I have a service where I have set the maximum number of attendees to 5 and although it has already been booked 5 times, it is still bookable. But this is definitely not what I want and the reason I have set the maximum number to 5 is, that I do not want others to be able to still book a slot when the maximum has been reached. 


I have customised the availabiliy hours and I have turned off the option to assign staff to the service. Could this be related to my issue?



@JasminaDe I tried to create a new service and in edit service - availability options, if the default scheduling policy is enabled, it doesn't create overlaps. However, if that is disabled and the availability is customized, overlaps happen. It doesn't help me because I have to edit the time slots and can't go with the default. I have no clue whether there is a way to sort it.Capture.PNG