Max Limit for Services on One Bookings Calendar

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I'm wondering if there is a maximum limit on the amount of services you can offer on any given bookings calendar. I'm working on a specific use case where I could theoretically need 60 services offered and I'm wondering if I'm going to run into any limitations? 

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Per Microsoft's documentation, it states:

"Each Bookings calendar is currently designed to handle a maximum of 2,500 bookings across all services in that calendar per day, along with a creation limit of 10 booking requests per second, this will work for common scenarios."


Although you can create many services on one Bookings calendar, I suggest creating multiple Bookings calendars/pages when you can. You should take into consideration the number of services on one Bookings Page. It may be difficult for the customer to find a service quickly. As a workaround, you could create separate related service webpages outside of Bookings and include the proper service links.


For Bookings' scaling plan, check out tkphhe full documentation,


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