Many to one service booked to the same staff simultaneously

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Hello community,


I am trying to set up a bookings page where an in person and virtual version of the same event are bookable. Each will be a many-to-one service and there is a shared email address acting as the assigned staff for both versions of the event.


I have the shared email address staff member set up so Outlook availability does not impact bookings availability, however the tool is not acting as desired.


I have the in person and virtual version of the event set up as two different services. Each with their own unique many-to-one limitation. If I go in and register for one of the versions of the event, the other is no longer bookable. I am assuming this is happening due to outlook availability. I can continue to book the service I booked initially until the service capacity is reached.


Is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do with Bookings and my current set up? Thank you!

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